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Tom Colicchio


About Tom Colicchio

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 Wichcraft is a fine casual group of restaurants serving farm-focused food to New Yorkers since 2003, with an emphasis on the best hand-held meal of all times: the sandwich.


Top Chef

Bravo’s Emmy award winning reality culinary competition pits chefs from around the country against one another featuring Tom as the head judge and an executive producer.

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Tom Colicchio

Tom Colicchio is recognized as Executive Chef and owner of Crafted Hospitality, one of the best restaurant groups. Located in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, the focus of this group is to make people happy and provide better food for all. 

Passionate about creating better food for all, he acted as an executive producer for the documentary: A Place at the Table in 2013. The purpose of the film was to highlight the major causes of hunger in the United States and the importance of better food for all. Tom went on a journey of self discovery and healthy food choices that led to him developing a group of establishments recognized as the best restaurant in the US. He has made strides in the industry that have contributed to his recognition as a Citizen Chef in which he advocates better food for all. 

As the popular chef continues to make strides in the industry, he has also devoted much of his time to addressing the needs of hunger in children in the US. Colicchio is a proud member of charitable groups based on the notion that better food for all should be easily accessible and part of restaurant practices from New York and Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Tom Colicchio lives in Brooklyn with his wife Lori Silverbush and his three sons. He enjoys fishing, gardening and the outdoors. He is passionate about creating sustainability across his restaurant groups in the US.

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